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Custom Solutions
JBlade can provide custom software solutions based on Hemi. Reduce development time, cost and risk by leveriging our IPMI expertise for your target market. IPMI is worldwide standard and we have built reusable Java librarys that can address your needs. Our pricing can be fixed cost or per unit roalyties. Contact JBlade sales.
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JBlade Hemi™ is a Java library used to communicate with IPMI enabled systems for the control of CPUs, Fans, lights and BIOS parameters without the presence of an operating system. Hemi can read IPMI sensors including temperature, voltage and Boot sensors. Hemi includes the JBlade Retuli library that implements the IPMI 2.0 specification.
IPMI was introduced by Intel over 12 years ago and is the world wide standard for interfacing with the low level hardware on practically every computer sold. JBlade Hemi™ is the largest Java IPMI library in the world and is battle tested in products ranging from fanless embedded systems to a Data Ceter System Managers.
Hemi is available in three different configurations that differ in performance and the interface with the IPMI hardware. The three Hemi editions are:
  • Hemi EM - for embedded java applications
  • Hemi CX - System Managers using less than 50 clients per JVM
  • Hemi DC - massively parallel DCIM applications with high message rates
The Java API for the IPMI data is identical between Hemi CX and Hemi DC editions but they differ on the Java constructors used to create Hemi and how it connects over the network to the remote server. Hemi EM does not implement any network connectivity and shares only 50% of the Hemi CX and DC API.
Use Hemi to interact with hardware resources using the Java object oriented model familiar to millions of programmers. With Hemi you can control:
  • Fan Speeds
  • Servos for air vents in Data Centers
  • Multi Line LCD displays
  • LED color and brightness
  • Relays or PDUs for power distribution
Use Hemi to read inventory information such as part number, manufacturer name and serial number. Read sensors for:
  • CPU Temperature
  • Air inlet and exhaust temperature
  • Voltages
  • Chassis intrusion
  • Accelerometers
  • Chassis intrusion
  • Humidity
  • Battery levels
Hemi provides a high level consistent interface to hardware implementing IPMI. Unlike open source solutions Hemi is a single library that is compatible between all Operating Systems. Applications built with Hemi work without modification on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Solaris. Hemi users can extend the IPMI command set without additional JBlade software or help.

Hemi Editions
The JBlade Hemi™ EM library is used in embedded systems that access a BMC using the SMBus System Interface (SSIF) systems. Using Hemi reduces CPU processing by directly accessing the IPMI information without the using C language or creating C language objects that are then converted to Java Objects. This allows embedded systems to use cheaper CPUs and in some cases dramatically reduce costs by removing all Fans.
The JBlade Hemi™ CX library is used in System Managers and utilities needing network access to a Computer, Raid, Router network appliance that is IPMI enabled. Collect temperature and voltages readings, configure boot options and interact with the BIOS setup screens without physical access to the device.
The JBlade Hemi™ DC is used by DCIM developers or Data Center operators needing high speed network access concurent access to thousands of servers in a single JVM. This eliminates the CPU threads and IPMI data conversion overhead of open source tools(IpmiTool, OpenIPMI, etc) allowing a System Manager to scale to large numbers of servers.
Hemi Edition Comparison
Hemi EM Hemi CX Hemi DC
Target System Embedded Small System Manager DCIM Data Center System Manager
Maximum managed BMCs per Hemi instance 1 1 500
JVM Threads per Hemi instance 4 Threads per target SMBus 5 Threads per 1 IPMI BMC 6 Threads per 500 IPMI BMCs
Sensor read rate/second Dependent on SMBus speed 30 100
Max IPMI Message per Second per target CPU Dependent on SMBus speed 100 3000
IPMI Interface SMBus System Interface Network RMCP Network RMCP
Remote KVM Session Count(IPMI Serial Over Lan) N0 14 per 5 threads 500 per 6 threads
Jar size after Proguard 800 Kb 2.4 MB 2.5 MB
Total Number of classes 325 1169 1182
Avaliability Waiting for JSR 360 Now Now
Minimum Developement Cost/Year (US Dollars) 14,000 12,000 85,000

If you are a start up company developing a new product JBlade can proivide Hemi software and development services in exchange for equity.
Hemi CX and DX are available under various pricing plans. They differ in the end user license quanity and level of support. Hemi DC is available with on site support. For detailed price structure create an account and then go to the Hemi CX or DX page and choose the Purchase button(on the left).

System Requirements
Java 7.0.45

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