Building a DCIM application ?
Hemi DC is the worlds largest JAVA IPMI library.
Hemi DC

Experiment with the Dali Java library by building an ATCA shelf using Drag and Drop. Add your choice of Blades, Fan Trays and PEMs. Run a demo of JBlade Dali on your computer.
Run Dali

JBlade contributes to the Open Compute Project and is a member of Hardware Management subcommittie.
OCP Contributions
System Manager
HD Video
Java Libraries
Manage Data Center Servers, ATCA and VPX
IPMI 2.0 RMCP Client
1150+ Java Classes
Draw ATCA Shelves and Blades
IPad Retina quality resolution
Swing mouse events return IPMI FRU ID
Java Applications
AdvancedTCA System Manager
Realtime graphs of fan, temperature and power

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